Frequently Asked Questions

What is Collective Consciousness Theatre?

Founded in 2001 by Dexter J. Singleton and Liz Stanley, CCT is a nonprofit organization focused on using theatre to ignite social change. CCT performances range from theatrical shows to workshops and residencies with trained, skilled actors/teaching artists.

How did it get started?

Founded by Liz Stanley and Dexter J. Singleton. It got started with the first show, Little Brother. Learn more at Our History.

How many students do you serve?

Just over 10,000 a school year, throughout Connecticut but also various parts of the country.

Are you a non-profit? How can I contribute?

Yes. We obtained our 501.c.3 status in March of 2007.

Financial donations are welcome, in addition to the following:

  • Donations in the form of material for props or clothing for costume;
  • Help coordinate a performance at a school in your area;
  • Help greet actors and set up at a school in your area;
  • Donate tools to help build sets, paint, wood in good condition for building
  • Donate electronic equipment such as microphones, radios, speakers or computers that still work. Call us at 203-809-9296 or email at

Visit the Support Us page for more information.

How many shows do you do a year?

30 to 40 performances a year.

Why the name Collective Consciousness?

People’s minds, working together collectively in order to spread consciousness of history, diversity and the human state for the sake of igniting social change in our communities and across the world.