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Stories of a New America (Available for booking 2017-18)

Written by the members of Collective Consciousness Theatre

In a partnership with IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services), we developed this new play through interviews with more than 100 refugees who have resettled, because of civil unrest in their homeland, in New Haven. Capturing their hopes, fears, past and present, this production is brought to life by six multilingual artists playing more than two dozen roles. This unique play that features diverse stories from Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba and the Congo has already been recognized in the media locally and nationally as a “powerful, original work relevant to the world today.” Funded by The International Association of New Haven.

Curriculum Links:

U.S. and World History, Global Studies, Law and Social Justice, Cultural Diversity, Language Arts, English, French, Arabic, Theatre

45 minute performance, grades 4-adult; Can be paired with an original workshop, Immigration Nation.